Highland's Skin Comissions

Payment must be received before you will receive your skin file. At this time, I can be payed via Paypal or Ko-Fi

For skins made from scratch, I will need to be provided a detailed description or reference image of some kind (even a picrew will help!)

I will also need to know what skin type you would like (standard (Steve) or slim (Alex))
(Please note that minecraft dungeons skins must be in the slim format)

Will Not Do:
Hate Symbols
Racist Skins
Make Skins for NFTs

Inquiries can be sent via twitter or discord dms!

Discord Handle: Highland#2531

Reshades/ new outfit - $10 USD
Skin from scratch - $15 USD

Highland's Skin Comission Portfolio

All these skins were either made or edited by Highland_Hooves

More skins can be found on my planet minecraft page!

New Outfit / Reshade

Made From Scratch!